42 Gifts From France & French Themed Gifts

Looking for gifts from France and/or French themed gifts for the Francophile in your life? You’ve found them and can officially stop wracking your brain for French gift ideas! We’ve rounded up the best gifts for Francophiles and there’s 42 to choose from—5 are under $10!

The best part is you don’t need to be in France to purchase gifts made in France! For example, all of the Sweet Gifts from France below are actually just that—from France—and you can click on the links and buy these French gifts online, right here!

As a Francophile myself, I love giving and receiving French presents. And because all of my friends and family know this, I’ve been the recipient of some pretty awesome French themed gifts. Of course, I’ve included my personal favorites, so, I am sure you’ll find the perfect French gift!

If there’s one thing the Netflix show Emily in Paris has taught me, it’s that people will watch a silly show just to see a glimpse of France, especially the famous French foods, and the amazing Paris scenery (I am one of those people). Last August I even found myself standing in front of Emilie’s favorite Paris bakery, Boulangerie Moderne.

Best Gifts From France & French Themed Gifts

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Sweet Gifts From France

Delicious French gifts! From candies to macarons, French desserts are simply divine, and that’s why these sweets are at the top of this list of Francophile gifts. What could be better than the quintessential French flavors of caramel, chocolate, lavender, or butter? Speaking of butter, if you’ve never tried the butter cookies from Brittany, you may want to get 2 boxes and give a foodie gift to yourself.

French Themed Gifts For Cooks

During lockdown, I pined for France. I planned to be there most of 2020, after all. But I did smile when I looked around my kitchen at all my items from France and the France inspired gifts I’ve received over the years. Did you know it’s a popular French thing not to refrigerate butter so it’s always spreadable? This is what a French butter dish looks like. Yes, I do love my butter!

The first gift from France I received was kitchen towels, and I still love them! My favorite tablecloth is a souvenir from France that I bought near Nice, similar to the one below. French themed presents for cooks can include anything for the kitchen or for entertaining.

Useful Gifts For Francophiles

Do all Francophiles love Paris? I know I do, especially the food of Paris, but that’s another blog! These gifts for Paris lovers will definitely be appreciated. And, they will get used!

It’s hard to decide which of these Paris themed gifts I like best. Who wouldn’t love to cozy on the couch and dream of Paris with this soft blanket? And strolling in the rain looking at the Eiffel Tower sure beats walking with a dull black umbrella. But the chef in me is a big fan of these Paris themed gift aprons!

French Themed Gifts for Her

My list of French gifts for her has to includes some bling and some Eiffel Tower Paris themed gifts. Put them both together and this sparkly necklace fils the bill. Prefer Inspiration in French Themed jewelry, “Elle Est Forte” or “She Is Strong”—the bracelet is the answer. And at these prices, you may even be able to double up with this Paris themed jewelry box!

You can’t go wrong with these delicious smelling soaps presented in a Paris box. She’ll love taking this large Paris bag to the market or beach, and the small one is a perfect gift for traveling.

More French Gifts For Her

I hate to admit I have way more French themed gift ideas for women than I do for men. So here you have France themed gifts she can wear: pajamas, sox, scarfs, T-shirts—she may want them all! And yes, I am obsessed with these adorable aprons!

No list of gifts for France lovers would be complete without a French beret. They really look cute on! For some reason we women hesitate to buy them for ourselves, but we love them! But they are actually unisex and you’ll see them on men and women at French cafes and bistros.

French Inspired Gifts for the Home

How about one of these cute French country gifts? They’re a great “French accent” for any room. The lavender clock has the feel of Provence. The Metal flower vase can be hung indoors or outdoors.

At my house, we never have enough coasters, or hooks, so I think these would be awesome French themed gifts! And for the person who has everything, do they have a Paris puzzle? I’m betting, no!

Recipe Books Make Great French Gifts Ideas

Anyone who loves France must also love French food—at least a little. Personally, I can eat a gooey Croque Monsieur or Croque Madame any day of the week. So, cook books make some of the best French gifts! Some of these books are so beautiful, you don’t even have to like cooking to appreciate them.

For traditional French food, Julia Child is my go to gal. For a more modern approach, both David Leibowitz and Mimi Thorisson have excellent books with beautiful pictures. David Leibowitz also has a book on French drinking with recipes for French cocktails, aperitifs, and more.

If you need French vegetarian, or if your Francophile prefers pastries, you’ve got options there too!

Did You Find The Perfect French Gift?

What did you think of our list of 42 Gifts From France & French Themed Gifts? I really hope you found the perfect present to make your loved one say “ooh la la!” Now. here are some ideas for wrapping it!

French Gift Wrapping Ideas

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