The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Strasbourg Restaurants

France doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being an overly vegan-friendly country.

With cheese, croissants, pain au chocolat and steak frites being at the center of the cuisine, sampling French food as a vegan can be a bit of a struggle.

France, however, is coming along in a big way as the demand for plant-based foods has been growing around the world.

In this respect, Strasbourg is quite a little surprise as the city has more than just grand views and splendid architecture - it also offers a great deal of vegan food choices!

This vegan Strasbourg guide will help you navigate to the best vegan restaurants in Strasbourg! You’ll also discover some other vegetarian, and vegan-friendly spots in the city, as well as, some vegan-friendly French words and tips for ordering vegan food in Strasbourg!

You can find delicious vegan restaurants in Strasbourg city center.

You can find delicious vegan restaurants in Strasbourg city center.

Is Strasbourg Vegan-Friendly?

The French, like their Italian counterparts, take immense pride in their food. French cuisine does more than just showcase food at its finest. It is also representative of the overarching French culture. There is a lot of emphasis on sourcing fresh ingredients and optimal cooking.

French dishes generally tend to be very meat- and dairy-heavy.

The food in France tends to vary by region, and Alsace, the area where Strasbourg is located, has a unique cuisine influenced by France and bordering Germany.

How does Strasbourg compare in terms of Veganism to the rest of France?

Strasbourg is quite underrated especially as a vegan-friendly destination.

The city offers many restaurants, cafes and joints for those who are looking for veggie takes on delicious classics, or just wanting to sample plant-based options. In fact it is fairly safe to say that Strasbourg may be even more vegan-friendly than the French capital city of Paris.

Besides, the vegan food scene in Strasbourg is getting increasingly diverse. People can now indulge in a vegan tart flambée or a dairy-free Crème brûlée even at non-vegan restaurants; not to mention the plethora of joints whipping up asian delicacies, burgers, pizzas and vegan bowls.

10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Strasbourg

If you are looking for vegan food in Strasbourg, you must visit these 10 restaurants. They offer a wide variety of dishes that reflect the best in French cuisine. Some dishes even have an international twist.

1. Vegeman

This is a completely vegan restaurant located in the heart of Strasbourg, and their menu is extensive.

You can choose from a wide selection including cheese sticks or vegan nuggets. Vegeman specializes in fast food (in general), Turkish, and Middle Eastern dishes. They also offer vegan muffins and cookies. The staff is friendly, and the service is quick.

If you visit this restaurant, you must try the vegan kebabs, especially with the mock meats and cheese. Many of their dishes are gluten-free.

Address: 18 Rue des Bateliers, 67000 Strasbourg, France

2. Velicious

Located in the Strasbourg city center, Velicious is the first 100% vegan restaurant in Strasbourg and is known for its exhaustive vegan food selection. This restaurant also serves as a well-known coffee house that was established in 2015.

You can order from a variety of juices and savory foods. Velicious also features a bakery that sells French pastries. If you visit this restaurant, don’t miss the coffee! You’ll also love the vegan cheese platters (yes, full-blown non-dairy cheese boards!), vegetarian hotdogs and burgers with all the trimmings, baguette sandwiches, and salads.

Address: 43 Rue Geiler, 67000 Strasbourg, France

3. Velicious Burger

This is an extension to its larger cousin, Velicious, and was established two years later, in 2017.

Velicious Burger is a haven for those who love a good burger but choose to stay off the meat. It specializes in American fast food. In keeping with its mission of serving food that’s completely vegan, the burgers are made using purely plant-based products.

Of course, it also offers traditional sides like fries, natural sodas, soups, and salads. If you’re allergic to gluten you’re in luck because Velicious Burger has many gluten-free options on the menu.

The restaurant runs on renewable energy, and they also have a zero-waste policy - a huge bonus for the conscious traveler!

There’s also a little patio with seating outdoors.

Address: 20 Grand'Rue, 67000 Strasbourg, France

The vegan Strasbourg restaurant: Delicious Burger

The vegan Strasbourg restaurant: Delicious Burger

4. Arundo

Located in the heart of the city, this cosy cafe is a delightful addition to the list of vegan restaurants in Strasbourg. Arundo was established last year and serves from a fully organic and vegan menu.

The menu rotates every week so you’ll never see the same item listed two weeks in a row! You can enjoy traditional French dishes like quiches, cakes, tarts and sandwiches at Arundo.

Address: 19 Rue Geiler, 67000 Strasbourg, France

5. Copper Branch

This is a vegan restaurant franchise originally opened in Montreal, Canada, and now located in several parts of North America and France. It is to France what Subway and Quiznos are to the United States.

At Copper Branch, you can find traditional Canadian and American staples like poutine, nachos, burgers and chilli - all these made with plant-based ingredients.

Some must-try items here include the organic quinoa bowl and konjac noodles. They also serve cookies, cakes and smoothies.

Address: 39 Rue du Vieux-Marché-aux-Vins, 67000 Strasbourg, France

6. Harmonie Bowl & Juice

Located in the downtown area, Harmonie Bowl & Juice is owned and operated by a French couple. It is known for its 100% organic menu.

They serve Western, Asian, and fusion style dishes, all of which are gluten-free and made from locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant also features an extensive juice bar. A dish that you must try here is the Kimchi bowl, made out of Kimchi (Korean coleslaw), a miso-chive sauce, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and tofu. You can also enjoy a creamy porridge that is garnished with chocolate pieces and berries.

Address: 5 Rue Saint-Étienne, 67000 Strasbourg, France

7. Pizz’arome

The fact that the city has a vegan pizza place is testament to how vegan-friendly Strasbourg is.

And a completely vegan pizzeria, no less!

Pizz’arome is Mediterranean street food restaurant that turned fully vegan only last year! Here you can enjoy pizza with motley toppings like eggplant and zucchini, hummus, arugula, fresh basil, and mushrooms, besides traditional French favourites like vegan ratatouille.

The restaurant has a bistro-styled ambience and you can buy pizza here by the slice. A pizza variety that you must try is one topped with grilled mushrooms and artichokes!

Address: 15 Rue de la Croix, 67000 Strasbourg, France

Pizz’arome vegan pizza in Strasbourg made with vegan cheese.

Pizz’arome vegan pizza in Strasbourg made with vegan cheese.

8. Au Potiron

This restaurant is located in the Strasbourg city center. It serves exclusively vegetarian food.

However, the chefs will make the dishes vegan if you ask them to. It is a popular restaurant so it is best to book a table in advance. You can get gratins, pizzas, salads, and soups here. One dish you should try is the pumpkin soup. It’s delicious and bursting with flavors. The soy gratin is also worth a try, as is the aubergine pâté.

Address: 24 Rue Sainte-Madeleine, 67000 Strasbourg, France

9. Bistrot and Chocolat

Calling all dessert lovers!

Bistrot et Chocolat serves completely vegetarian dishes and is a great place to visit if you have a sweet tooth. Most of the dishes are ‘veganizable’ and they have a range of dairy-free milks available. So you can have your (vegan) cake and eat it too!

Especially recommended is their vegan hot chocolate.

The bistro also hosts occasional workshops if you’d like to learn to make vegan pastries - a life skill, if you ask me!

Address: 8 Rue de la Râpe, 67000 Strasbourg, France

10. Le Quai Des Halles

Le Quai Des Halles is a part of a larger network of organic food stores. It lies in the outskirts of Strasbourg but is worth a trip if you are on the lookout for vegan and organic supplies.

In addition to organic, natural and health food groceries, you can buy all kinds of nutrition supplements, and cruelty-free beauty products here. They also offer fresh fruits and vegetables for sale.

Address: 6 Rue de Sébastopol, 67000 Strasbourg, France

Eating Out at Non-Vegan Places

Besides the array of completely plant-based restaurants and cafes in Strasbourg, you can always find something to eat even at non-vegan places if you are smart about it.

For instance, ethnic restaurants that sell Turkish kebabs or Asian food are ubiquitous in Strasbourg, as in the rest of Europe. They always have vegetarian options which are by default meat and dairy-free.

Besides, eating here can save you money on your Europe travels, as these places work on a no-frills model and are much cheaper. You can also always ask for minor adaptations to veganize an item - say, pizza with no cheese, stir-fry with no eggs, veggie burgers with no mayo or cheese, and so on.

Turkish restaurants in Europe often sell falafel wraps which are vegan by design.

It also helps to know a bit of the local language to express requests or concerns about your food order.

You can find vegan food in Strasbourg at Turkish restauarnts.

You can find vegan food in Strasbourg at Turkish restauarnts.

Vegan French Vocabulary to Use in Strasbourg

Language can be a challenge especially when traveling in Europe. Keep this list of French words and phrases handy to communicate your dietary requirements to locals in Strasbourg.

Vegan: Végétalien(ne)

I am vegan: Je suis végétalien(ne)

Do you have any vegan dishes?: Avez-vous des plats végétaliens?

I don’t eat meat, pork or chicken: Je ne mange pas de viande, de porc ou de poulet.

I don’t eat eggs or milk: Je ne mange ni d’œufs ni de lait.

Without meat/ eggs/ dairy: Sans viande/ œufs/ produits laitiers

Without milk: Sans lait

Without cheese: Sans fromage

No animal products: Aucun produit animal

Without animal fat: Sans graisse animale

Beef: Boeuf

Chicken: Poulet

Pork: Porc

Fish: Poisson

Steak: Steak

Shellfish: Fruits de mer

Gelatin: Gélatine

Milk: Lait

Egg: Œuf

Butter: Beurre

Cheese: Fromage

Honey: Miel

Yoghurt: Yaourt

Soy milk: Lait de soja

Almond milk: Lait d’amande

Oat milk: lait d'avoine

A view of Strasbourg

A view of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the place to be if you’re looking for yummy veggie food.

If you’re traveling there soon, follow this vegan guide to Strasbourg and enjoy the plant-based culinary adventures the city has to offer!

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