Best Gifts for Foodies

Chef-Tested Foodie Gift Ideas

Looking for great gift ideas for the foodie on your list? As a fellow foodie and chef, you can trust that this list of Best Gifts for Foodies has what you’re looking for!

I’ve personally tested hundreds of foodie gifts, and selected only the ones that I thought were truly the best gift ideas for foodies!

There are foodie gift ideas for every budget—even some foodie gifts under $10!

And we have gift ideas for foodies of every kind—for those that never cooks to professional chef gifts. There are sweet gifts for foodies, fun gifts for foodies, cool gifts for foodies, gourmet gifts for foodies, unique gifts for foodies, and more!

I absolutely love everything on this foodie gift list! And I love that you can get them all online! Which reminds me, some of the links in this article are affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases at no cost to you from Amazon or other affiliates.

I never recommend anything that I haven’t personally used. These really are great gifts for foodies!

Best Gifts for Foodies List

Truffle Salt & Truffle Honey, some of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Always a Perfect Gift for Foodies: Top-of-the-Line Truffles!

All I can say is YES, a thousand times YES! Truffle products are one of the best chef gifts, and one of my favorite foodie gift ideas!

Truffle Honey Brown Butter by Truffle Shuffle: This Truffle Honey is my favorite thing to put on a cheese board or charcuterie board! It is definitely the best truffle honey I’ve ever had, and a little goes a long way!

Truffle Salt by Truffle Shuffle: Just a pinch of Truffle Salt makes any meal special. Your foodie will be putting it on steak, chicken, rice, eggs—it’s perfect on my Carbonara Breakfast Pasta.

Laconiko Black Truffle Olive Oil: OMG, I could eat pasta with this Black Truffle Olive Oil every day! Perfect for Truffle Risotto and so many of your foodie’s favorite recipes! Tuffles are always a perfect foodie gift

Flavored Caramels, some of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Sweet Gifts for Foodies: Caramel (enough said)!

Caramel-loving foodies like me do not want peppermint bark!

Black Lava Sea Salt Caramels: I am forever searching for delicious caramels and this year I found McCrea’s Black Lava Sea Salt. Since I adore caramel, I personally prefer this pure caramel flavor with a touch of sea salt to their flavored varieties.

McCrea’s Flavor Family Caramels Box: With names like “Single Malt Scotch”, for those who love anything caramel, this variety of fun inventive flavors will be a winner.

Fisher's Caramel Popcorn: I literally tasted every caramel popcorn on the Ocean City boardwalk in MD, and Fisher’s Caramel Popcorn was my hands down favorite! I have subsequently received it as a gift many years, and it’s always delivered fresh and delicious!

Ultra Premium Oilive Oil and White Balsamic Vinegar some of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Best Gourmet Food Gifts for Foodies: Oil & Vinegars!

Every foodie needs at least one premium olive oil and vinegar!

Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Laconiko: This 2020 Gold Metal Winner was the winner in my private tasting too! Not for everyday cooking, this bottle will be savored when olive oil is the star like in a simple Panzanella Salad.

White Balsamic Vinegar with Cucumber and Lemon: I recently replaced the balsamic vinegar in my Tomato Salad recipe with this White Balsamic from Modena and it was a big hit! Even my mom who is not a big vinegar person, wanted to drink the dressing!

Wine Country Table Book, some of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Smart Gifts for Foodies: Hot Books!

Chef memoirs, cookbooks, and beautiful food coffee-table books, all make wonderful gifts for foodies!

Yes Chef: For anyone aspiring to become a professional cook or chef, this memoir by celebrity chef, Marcus Samuelson is a must read!

Mastering the Art of French Cooking: A timeless classic by the one and only Julia Child.

Wine Country Table: A gorgeous coffee table book for foodies with recipes highlighting California’s wine regions. The photos in this book are absolutely stunning!

Pasta, Pane, Vino: Deep Travels Through Italy’s Food Culture: Matt Goulding takes a trip through Italy’s rich cuisine and country.

Foodie Socks, some of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Fun Gifts for Foodies: Foodie Socks!

Not just socks—fun, high-performance socks with food designs!

SockGuy socks are specially designed for moisture control, durability, comfort, and coolness! Socks make

Pineapple Crew Cuff Socks: I am allergic to pineapple, but I think these socks are so cute!

Classic Cupcake Socks: I can’t decide which are cuter, cupcakes or pineapple. Maybe the deciding question is long or short.

Sporty Spicy Socks: Does your foodie like it hot? Then these are the clear choice! And besides, black goes with everything !

Europe’s #1 coffee house coffee, one of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Always a Great Foodie Gift Idea: Coffee, Tea, or Honey!

No Best Gift for Foodies list would be complete without these!

Tchibo Coffee: Now available in the U.S.—Coffee from Europe’s number one coffee house! Your coffee-snob foodie will love the rich taste. And you can feel good knowing 100% of Tchibo’s coffee is from Rainforest Alliance certified farms!

Wissotsky Magic Tea Chest: Know someone who swoons when the server brings them the tea chest? Now they can have their own chest of assorted flavors. Different woods and tea assortments available.

Manukora Honey: From New Zealand’s prized honey producing region, the Golden Triangle, comes this honey prized for its natural Methylglyoxal, said to be the health promoting property in honey.

Cooler bag, one of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Cool Gifts for Foodies: Cooler Bags!

Your foodie will love taking these cool bags to cool places!

2 Bottle Wine Cooler: Made from durable distressed waxed cotton, this is one smart looking cooler bag! Traditional open design is perfect for transporting wine to a restaurant or wherever your foodie is going.

Insulated Wine & Cheese Bag: This comfortable to carry cooler bag holds 2 bottles of wine with some extra room for cheese. Or one bottle and lots of cheese (of course, this is my preference). It includes helpful picnic items like: a small cutting board, cheese knife, and corkscrew.

Hot sauces, some of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Food Gifts for Foodies: Syrups and Sauces

Flavor-packed gift sets are great gifts for foodies!

Classic Cocktail Syrup Set: Pratt Standard just raised the bar (pun intended) on homemade cocktails with these hand-crafted syrups. They are packed with flavor without using high fructose corn syrup, dye, or artificial flavorings. While they’re great gifts for drink lovers, I’ve even made sauces from them—Yum! The classic set includes bartender staples-Tonic, Grenadine, and Rich Simple Syrup.

Ricante Hot Sauce Gift Box: Gifts for spice lovers! Spice-loving foodies will be in hot sauce heaven with this terrific assortment which includes: Chipotle, Pina Dulce, Fire Melon, Manzana Encendida, and OG Mango. They kick up any meal with not only heat, but delicious flavor. My favorite is the chipotle!

Trivets & Coasters, some of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Unique Gifts for Foodies: A Taste of Travel

Transport your foodie to a land they love!

Paris Themed Cork Trivets & Coasters: I’ve been obsessed with Paris since junior high, so any gift that reminds me of it or the food of France is a winner! This set of 4 trivets and 8 coasters from Emerging Green not only do that, but they are a gift everyone can use! Stylish and useful—you can’t go wrong! And since Emerging Green is an environmentally conscience company, these products are made of eco-friendly materials.  

Japanese Snack & Candy Subscription: Does your foodie yearn for Japan?  Bokksu has the answer for you! A big orange box full of authentic Japanese snacks and candies. They are so authentic that unless you can read Japanese, you need to look at the enclosed brochure to tell what they are. Please note, this is a monthly subscription, that can be cancelled at any time

Stoneware pinch bowls, some of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Gifts for the Aspiring Chef: Kitchen Must Haves

Kuma Knives: I’ve just discovered this brand, and they have knives for cooks at every level. Perfect for the aspiring chef, or home cook, this 8 inch Chef Knife is a great starter knife for the price. For the more serious chef, try the Kuma Professional Damascus Chef Knife.

Cast Iron Grill Pan: This is one of my most used pans. Chicken, burgers, fish, vegetables, all made beautiful by the grill pan; just like a real grill, but from the comfort of my kitchen!

Stoneware Pinch Bowls: As you can see from my blog, I use these pinch bowls every day for prepping ingredients and serving!  The fun mix of colors makes great photos and adds a little fun to cooking and plating!

Best Inexpensive Gifts for Foodies: Small Stuff

When you just need a little something, or a little something extra for your foodie!

Mighty Sesame TahiniBars: These little Halva bars are addictive! This variety pack of 18 bars has 3 delicious flavors: vanilla, pistachio, and cocoa nibs.The Negg Boiled Egg Peeler: I admit, I was a little skeptical about this, but it really works! Such a handy tool when making deviled eggs or egg salad.

Coconut Chews with Chocolate: These went fast at our house! Each yummy coconut chews comes individually wrapped for freshness, so you can give a bag, or just a few.

Kirk’s Ordor Neutralizing Hand Soap: This hydrating hand soap neutralizes the odor from even the most smelly ingredients like garlic and fish with the scents of lemon and eucalyptus.

Egg peeler, one of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Egg peeler, one of the Best Gifts for Foodies.

Best Gift Box for Foodies: Cheese Please!

Best Gifts for Foodies-Cheese.jpg

Whatever the occasion, Cheese is always the best gift for this foodie! If your foodie is like me, they are obsessed with making beautiful cheese boards and igourmet has top-quality gift baskets that I bet your foodie will love! Try one of these awesome cheese gift boxes for foodies:

French Cheese Assortment

Spanish Cheese Assortment

German Cheese Assortment

8 Cheese Favorites Sampler

The Best of Europe

So, there you have the top gifts for foodies! I hope these foodie gift ideas were helpful and that you’ve found a great gift for the foodie on your list! Or perhaps you’ve found a food gift for yourself? Please let me know in the comments!

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