The Best Most Unique Gifts for Travelers

Unique gifts for travelers

Looking for the perfect gift for the traveler on your list? As a chef who loves to travel as much as I love to cook, you can trust that this list of Unique Gifts for Travelers has the perfect gift that your traveler will love—whether or not they are currently traveling!

I’ve personally tested and selected all of the items on this Unique Gifts for Travelers list! It includes gifts for every type of traveler from luxury travelers to campers, and there’s something for every budget too!

Unique Gifts for Travelers List

Unique Gifts for Travelers: Fun in the sun

Madera Hammocks: Make everyday a vacation for the traveler on your list! Weather in your own backyard, or on a vacation, what is more relaxing than lounging in a hammock? The original Madera Hammock folds up into a little pouch that can be easily packed along with a separate smaller pouch (also sold separately) for the straps. Scroll down to see how it fits into the side pocket of my backpack. All you need is 2 trees to have a mini-vacay! And, for every hammock purchased, Madera plants 2 trees to help the environment and feed the hungry.

Tilley’s Unisex Hat: My husband has had this hat for at least 10 years, and wears it all the time! And when I say this hat, I’m mean the actual one in this picture. Looks pretty good, right? Almost as good as new! It looks great on men and women, and has the highest sun protection a hat can give, UPF 50+which is something very important to me. The top of the hat flattens for packing which makes it a super travel hat! It floats, repels rain, and comes with a lifetime guarantee—you can’t beat that!

Unique Gifts for Travelers: Relax to the max

Kindle Paperwhite: I cannot believe I resisted buying a Kindle for so long! I’m an avid reader (I cannot sleep if I do not read) who used to frequent the library every week—until COVID. Then with my hand forced, I caved, and I am so grateful! I am still a book lover who enjoys browsing book stores. But I really love my Kindle for a few reasons. First, I don’t have to wear glasses to read because I can adjust the font size. Second, I don’t have to wear a light around my neck to read at night. And third, it is compact, so you can literally 20 books with you when traveling.

AcousticSheep Wireless SleepPhones: These fleece headphones are so comfortable because they are made for you to sleep in them! That’s why AcousticSheep named them SleepPhones! In fact, they were invented by a doctor as a natural sleep aide. But, you can listen to music, books, or whatever you’d like without ever having the intention of sleeping. They may not be for the technologically challenged, but once they are all set up with the Bluetooth enabled device, they are very easy to use!

Unique Gifts for Travelers: Personal Care

The Worm Massager: Traveling can be hard on our bodies. Long flights, new beds and pillows, and carrying all our gear can definitely take it’s toll no matter what your age. So, I bring my worm everywhere to help get the kinks out of my neck and back, but my foot appreciates it most of all! I broke and sprained my foot a year ago, and a daily roll on the worm at the end of the day is essential. I also love that it’s lightweight and fits easily in my suitcase.

Shrewd Food Snack Pack: I call this “emergency food.” If I’m hungry for a prolonged period of time, I turn into what my husband affectionately calls “the demon.” To avoid being called “the demon,” and for the benefit of our marriage, I always have emergency food with me. Both Shrewd Food sweet and savory snacks provide a tasty protein-packed calorie infusion to get me through the next meal. Check out the different flavors or start with the variety pack. A must have for any hangry traveler!

Merlot Moisturizing Kit: I find travelling can dry your skin, and I’ve kicked myself before for leaving my large containers behind because of their size. No need to do that again! Sized for carryon bags and full of grape seed antioxidants, this moisture kit is perfect for travelers—or anyone who could use good skincare. I like this kit so much; I now use it when I’m not traveling. Complete with sunrise serum, moisturizer, and night cream, this kit is a bargain!

Unique Gifts for Travelers: Portable must-haves

Dry Fox Quick Dry Towel: Perfect for the camper as well as the hotel traveler—and everyday life! Although it’s the size of a typical beach towel, it takes up less room than a tee shirt, and is light enough to carry in a daypack! Reversible (many designs available) with a built-in water-resistant pocket, this towel comes in handy on so many occasions! Want to sit on the grass in a park, lay down to take a photo, or walk on the beach? This towel is there! Especially now, I like to put a layer between myself and anything I sit on, so my towel comes everywhere.!

Waterproof Light-Weight Backpack: I will still dress up with a purse, but ever since I was on crutches last year, a backpack has been my go-to bag of choice. It just makes life easier. Especially when hiking, or exploring a new city, this little pack carries everything I need. And it is so comfortable! I always thought you needed big bulky cushioning for comfort—wrong! This is truly the most comfortable bag I’ve ever had. And it folds up into a little pocket that can be taken anywhere.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle: Due to my fear of thirst (I blame this on my parents), I’ve always brought a water bottle everywhere (like even just to the grocery store around the block). And now when I travel, I bring a collapsible water bottle! This shatter-proof bottle rolls up for easy packing, and is also leak proof, and free of BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates, lead, latex, and other harmful leaching chemicals.

Unique Gifts for Travelers: Especially for her

Non-Slip Shashi Shoes: These light-weight slipper shoes make taking your shoes off on the plane a no-brainer! I tuck these cuties in my purse so I can wear them on long flights—they take as much room as a tissue! They keep my feet clean, cool, and comfortable in the air and on the ground. Way better than slippers! And they’re great for yoga and home or hotel room exercising!

Modus Jewelry Travel Case: I bought this for an extended 6 month trip, and this case delivered! There are special nooks and crannies designed for every piece of jewelry you could possibly need on the longest of trips. Everything fits so nicely; this is where I store my jewelry even when I’m not traveling!

 Unique Gifts for Travelers: Savoring the memories

Aura Carver Frame: Does your traveler like to take photos? Or do you? This is the coolest frame, so warning, you may want to keep it for yourself! You add unlimited photos that alternately display in this smart frame. And sharing photos has never been more fun. Don’t let the high-tech scare you. It’s so easy to set up, and you can load photos to set-up for a gift.

Paris Themed Cork Trivets & Coasters: These Trivets and coasts also made my Best Gifts for Foodies list! If you’ve read my Traveling for the Food of France article, you’ll know I love anything that reminds me of France, and these bring a smile to my face on a daily basis until I can get there again! Emerging Green makes these products from environmentally friendly materials, so you can fell good about giving this gift!

I hope you found something wonderful on this Unique Gifts for Travelers list! If you happen to have a foodie on your list too, be sure to check out the Best Gifts for Foodies!

Whatever you are celebrating, I wish you a happy holiday season!

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